Poetry Compilation #4 – Failed Love Edition

I came over.You just came.I laid out my heart.You just wanted to get laid.If only that was the storyI could be telling today.Because the truth isYou couldn't even satisfy a carnal desire.When I went lower,You

Poetry Compilation #3

12.09.19 All the beautiful spots were taken apart from you.While an iron fence scares most people, it does not me.Because guardedness needn't be opaque,I appreciate what you have chosen to let me see.I understand why


This year in my life can be characterised by one word: endings. So much in my life has come to an end recently. If I go back all the way to January, it's incredible how

Facing The Unexpected (Travel Edition)

About a year ago, I started planning something incredibly important to me. Having finally secured a steady pay cheque and conscious of the fact that I'd never been outside of Europe, I was determined to
Mental Health

5 CBT techniques that EVERYONE should know

The term "cognitive behavioural therapy" can seem frightening at first. In a world where there is still so much stigma against mental health, seeing such a clinical-looking phrase can put you right off finding out

What They Don’t Tell You After Graduating

Just over a year ago, I graduated from Durham University and I'll never forget what I felt that day. A sense of achievement? Yeah, a little bit. Relieved I'd never have to study again? Somewhat.

14-22: What Can I Learn From My Younger Self?

For the past 8 years, I've kept up a unique birthday tradition. While most people celebrate with candles on cakes, shiny balloons and fancy food, there's something that I've done for myself every year just
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