Poetry Compilation #1

I know that I said in my previous post that this next one would be about everything I want to accomplish after University, but I haven’t got round to deciding what “everything” is yet, so instead, I’m going to share some poetry I’ve written over the last year.

I’ve never properly studied poetry before (in English anyway), so what you are about to read is a bit of a mess and still a work-in-progress. However, I’m sharing it with you anyway as one of my goals is to show more of my work, even though it’s not amazing. (And the perfectionist in me is also saying “the more constructive criticism I get, the better I’ll get”). I’m purposefully not going to provide much context as I’d like to see what people can get out of the poems without it. All I will say is that I tend to write when I’m feeling raw and I’m publishing these in chronological order. So without further ado…

  1. The Beach

My feet sink into the sand
Unresisting, unopposed to the warmth
I stare eagerly at the horizon
I let each grain wrap each of my toes
I revel in the stillness
I daren’t move but I dare to hope
That this serene scene
Is all I’ve ever wanted and more

But stillness turns to stuck
My feet feel heavy, I am in a rut
The sun it burns
Move, girl, move
I can’t
I can’t.

I eventually did.

Standing still is not the way to live.
That doesn’t mean the sand didn’t stick.
It was there to stay
Don’t you know only time and floods take it away?
Lots of scrubbing until the flesh turns red
To put those grains and memories to bed

But I still dream of the beach
Every now and again
That heat, that emotion…
Was it all in my head?

2. Fractions

A half plus a half is a whole.
The other half he calls me,
I am a mere fraction to him.

A whole minus a half
Still leaves a hole.
I was never good at subtracting.

One party plus five drinks
Equals sixty-six thoughts
But not one single text.

Ten, Eleven, Twelve,
One, Two, Three
AM –  my sequence with bated breath.

Ten tosses, two tears,
Acceptance leaves one single,
but not single, in a double bed.

Multiply the months
Add anger, confusion, self-doubt
Take away love, respect, care

No patience.

If you divide a pair
Over ninety-nine miles
You get a fraction of who you were instead.

3. Boys come and go

Boys come and go,
But men stay.
He was 23 when he left me,
Confused, naive and ashamed.
I was done with men, I thought, but I met you,
Right before you were 22,
And that changed.

Boys come and go,
But you’ve stayed.
You’ve loved me for my flaws, my imperfections, my bad ways
And you love me still
– the biggest thrill –
Because without you, I would never have healed…
I’d still be erased.

Boys come and go,
But men stay.
Thank you for being the man that he never was,
That they never were,
That no one can be,
Because you’re unafraid.

So boys come and go,
But it’s not about age.
He’s 26 and still playing tricks,
Yet at 24, you are so much more…
Thank you
for being the man that stayed.


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