How do I explain to you that I’m drowning in a paddling pool?
Better yet, in a Jacuzzi.

Yes, my feet and bottom are planted on the floor,
the blinking colours alluring, pulsing with foam,
the steam so inviting, the water oh so warm…

It’s just too bad you can’t see my hair stuck in the jets,
blood swimming from my skull,
to you? LEDs of red,
flapping arms like an eagle,
to me? escaping the cuckoo’s nest,
face barely above the water,
every gasp a drink of death.

But hey, I live a life of luxury so go on right ahead.
Say “You have no real problems.”
Say “You have a great life.”
Say I should keep my mouth shut instead.

So sure, I’ll be quiet.
It’s not like I have a choice.

Just when you find me floating there,
cold and still,
don’t you dare say I made no noise.

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