Good News!

Ooh, I’ve been bursting to write to you guys for some time now as some extraordinary things have happened to me in the last couple of weeks, but as I don’t want to jinx anything or get ahead of myself, I am waiting until things have settled down a bit before I explain these turn of events! All I will say for now is that I am in a good place – I am more appreciative of the happy days and kinder to myself when bad ones occur.

I even wrote a poem recently that was inspired by positive thoughts; not riddled with angst and dread! *SHOCK, HORROR* It’s perhaps a bit generic, but I am definitely relieved that I’m not just a “tortured artist” stereotype. I think I would honestly rather write bad poetry and feel lighter in life, than express deep but damaging thoughts all the time. You are entitled to disagree with me, but either way, enjoy:

Tree of Life

I am a leaf on a branch of a tree.
I am right on the end; nothing ahead of me.
I flail about; only a twig’s tip is in my reach.
I could drop at any moment; it is a feared destiny…

Yet I swing to and fro,
wherever the breeze blows.
I am afraid to fall,
And even though I am the most likely to go,
Thousands have just mingled with the dark earth below.

We will all eventually get there though.

So why not enjoy the ride?
I can see the damp mud, but I can also touch the sky!

The thicker the branches, the steadier they sway,
But the same Wind subjects us either way.
Yes, I have envied their stability, and some crave my flight,
But we are all rooted to the same earth.
All caressed by the sun’s warmth.
All vulnerable to the cold dark night.

So let us remember that as sure as days come, so nights end.
Falling is NOT a choice. It is the wind, or a greedy disease that infects,
Boring holes in young shoots; even birds tear them to shreds!

I can’t choose to plunge, but I can choose to reflect
on the flowers, the sunsets, the silver linings, the good things.
For what is a leaf to do instead?

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