The Concept of Self-Love

Advice for those who find it hard

I’m sorry I haven’t written to you guys for a while. I’m currently working on a few projects, which I’m really excited about, but they’ve been taking up a lot of my time so I haven’t been able to post much. While I wanted this post to document all the things I’ve been getting up to, as is life, I haven’t managed to complete a single thing yet. Still, I’m okay with that. Why? Because for the first time in a long while, I’m appreciating the fact that great things take time and even though there’s been no immediate reward, my hard work will transform into something I can be proud of eventually.

Nevertheless, to get back to why I decided to write to you today, I guess I just wanted to exchange a quick few words on self-love. For those who aren’t aware of the concept, self-love is the idea of being kind to yourself, knowing your worth and defining yourself by your own standards, not by anyone else’s labels. The self-love movement was one that I discovered through Instagram and one that I instantly connected with because of its all-inclusive approach and regard for mental health. It’s something I’d encourage everyone to look into, because in a world addicted to social media and judging people based on their appearances, it’s too easy to forget that what you see is a highlight reel and that what truly matters is what lies within.

Yet, despite my obvious admiration for the concept, I must admit I’m struggling with the follow-through. Something that I have had to accept recently is that despite stylising myself as a happier, more confident woman, I’m still addicted to discovering people’s perceptions of me and trying to make them see me as much funnier, more attractive and cooler than I really am. That was agonising to confess, but I suspect a lot of you can relate to what I’m going through. So what do we do?

Well, I have one idea – and funnily enough, it’s only just appeared to me whilst writing this post now (oh, the beauty of putting pen to paper… or fingers to keyboard!). Let’s change our focus. It’s hard to completely stop caring about what other people think, so let’s make them remember us for something that’s actually important. Humour dies, looks fade and ‘cool’… the definition of that changes minute by minute. Rather, let us be more honest, more empathetic and more kind. Those traits have stood the test of the time so if we can embody them, we’re doing something right.

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