To blog or not to blog…

In such an overcrowded market, is there a point in starting a blog?

Recently, many successful bloggers have been debating the same thing – blogging itself. With the rise of social media and the average person’s attention span becoming increasingly shorter, they’ve been asking whether there is a point in labouring over long prose when 3 second snaps seem to be getting much better results. In a world of Instagram and YouTube stars, who dominate industries from fitness to fashion, I’ve also been wondering whether new bloggers like me should even bother writing all – especially ones from white and privately educated backgrounds, whose voices have been privileged and prioritised for far too long.

After much thought, I’ve come to the opinion that no matter what the trends and no matter how much it’s been done, blogging isn’t something to give up on yet. Here’s why…

Firstly, blogging shouldn’t just be about statistics. Sure, it can be disheartening to spend hours on a post to find that only ten people have ‘liked’ it, but really, blogging is about self-expression. It is a cathartic way of working through your thoughts and ultimately, it’s a choice. No blogger started off doing it as their job so passion for the written word should be their prime motivator, not building a 10K audience. Besides, in my books, if I can help just one person with what I have to say, it makes the whole enterprise worthwhile to me.

Secondly, blogging isn’t about stifling other people’s voices as it is a way of sharing your own story. The nature of blogging is very personal and authors rarely claim to be the fount of all knowledge on the things that they discuss. They also don’t usually write with the intention of hurting others or to make their opinions seem more important than anyone else’s. I, for one, would be mortified if people thought that I wrote about anxiety purely to get attention and to try and prove how awful my life is. I am very aware that others have it worse and that there are issues that need a lot more coverage than mine. Still, I am only one person. As much as I would like to tackle each of society’s problems in my blog, I know that writing about some of them would be a mistake. Without experiencing certain things, writing about racism, ableism or poverty would be brash, not to mention disrespectful to writers who know what they’re talking about and who live through it every day.

That being said, there is still more that bloggers like me could be doing. One thing, for example, would be to share other people’s work, which talk about the issues that we can’t express. Just because we can’t relate to the injustices faced by others, it doesn’t mean that they should be ignored. This is why, from now on, I am going to share more content from writers of various backgrounds because I believe educating ourselves and our audiences should be a blogger’s #1 goal.

As a result, here is a list of some of my favourite bloggers, vloggers and Instagram accounts, who have opened up my eyes and who I think everyone could learn from:

@bodyposipanda – Megan struggled with an eating disorder and now works every day to fight unhealthy diet culture and to promote self-love.

@lexiemanion – Lexie founded #BoycottTheBefore and educates her audience daily on eating disorders, fatphobia and the power of words.

@selfloveliv – Liv is a huge advocate for mental health, having been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder amongst other things, and never fails to enlighten me with her humour and honesty.

@dezaffiliated – Dez, an amazing designer and stylist, founded the Too Dark 4 Who movement and is a strong voice against racism and bullying.

@jammi.dodger – Jamie is a trans man, whose bravery in sharing his journey through YouTube is truly admirable.

@beautybyemilylou_ – Emily is chronically ill, tube fed and permanently in a wheel chair, but through the power of make up, stays positive and gives hope to everyone around her.

This is by no means an exhaustive list but I hope that these people inspire you as much as they have inspired me and that they prove to you how blogging really is worthwhile after all…

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