Poetry Compilation #3

12.09.19 [poem written at a lake on my birthday]
All the beautiful spots were taken apart from you.
While an iron fence scares most people, it does not me.
Because guardedness needn’t be opaque,
I appreciate what you have chosen to let me see.
I understand why you’re here, it’s not to mask loveliness, but to spare us both pain.
I appreciate your protection.
My admiration for you shall never wane.
For you are so delicate – like the decoration of ribs on stretched skin as one laughs so hard that they barely breathe.
After all, you should know by now that I like a tease.
You’re only so much of a cage as to stop hearts breaking, not beating.
I can still see what lies within, your current undulating, sparkling, ever-breathing.
I won’t vilify your constructed existence as society would have use do,
Because I know you won’t last forever.
It just means at this point in life, I must treat you with care,
Embrace you whatever the weather.
So I will gaze with love from afar and walk with you side by side until your walls finally retreat.
And when they at last do, I cannot wait to worship your life’s waters,
Your soul in its nakedness and full view.

19.10.19 [poem written on my phone]
You could have me.
YOU could have ME.
How dare you not seize
what is so within your reach?
For who would not pocket a star
That’s come straight from heaven?
That fiery light guiding you through every dark night,
But wait, you’re ignoring god’s gift, right?
How. dare. you.
You are no Balthazar,
You offer me no treasures and yet
My greatest prize, my life,
I offer you time after time after time.
You could have at least brought some myrrh
After all that you’ve done to my self-worth.
But oh yes, that’s right, you’re Herod.
And what an abysmal oversight…
Because after all your searching,
You still can’t see
How lucky you were
In that you could have had me.

14.12.19 [poem written at the museum]
Ambulo in urbem
et reor:
“bonum virum inveniam?”
Video arbores, flores et caelum,
Sed maesta et grava sum,
Quia difficile beata videre est,
Cum sola sum et tu abes.
Per imbrem ambulare maleo
Quod lacrimas meas abdit.
Et in Britanniam me vivere scio
Sed scribo in Latinam
Quod amor quoque mortuus est.

14.01.20 [song excerpt written at piano]
For all that it’s worth,
I’m so sorry for the hurt,
Because it’s not what you deserve
How I wish I made it work,
But there’s some things you can’t force,
Though it means closing a door,
Just keep a light in that window on,
Cus baby, one day I may wanna come home.

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